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The ABC’s of First Grade


Attendance- Daily attendance is necessary to have a successful first grade experience.  Our day begins promptly at 7:55 and the dismissal time is 3:00.  Please make sure you have your child at school on time every day, unless he/she is sick.  If your child is going to be out, please call the office to let them know.  Upon returning to school, your child must bring a signed excuse for each absence.  Attendance is handled by the front office personnel.


B.E.E Books: Your child’s BEE book will come home each day. BEE stands for “Bring Everything Everyday.” This is an organizational tool that will make communication between home and school much more efficient for parents and kids too! Inside the BEE book are your child’s folder, homework pouch, contact list, class list, and even a special pouch to hold money and notes that need to come back and forth to school.

Book Orders: I will send home book orders with progress reports and report cards from Scholastic Book Club.  If you would like to order from them please choose the books you would like on the order form and send it back to school with a check or money order for the correct amount. Please make your checks out to Scholastic.

Birthdays: In class we will celebrate birthdays by singing and a small prize.  You may bring cupcakes or cookies for you kiddo at the end of the day for the class if you choose. (2:50-3:00) If you send birthday invitations to school make sure you have one for every child as we do not want to exclude anyone.


Conferences: During the school year if you feel the need for a conference you may call the school or email me to set up a parent /teacher conference. First grade conference time is from 2:15-3:00.


Discipline: During the first few days of school we will create our classroom expectations and what they mean. It will be our job to make sure our kiddos “Stick to the Rules” in order to keep a safe school environment for everyone.  If a student breaks a rule he/she will be asked to move their clip this is a warning. If the behavior continues the child will again move their clip, be removed from the situation, and given the opportunity to think about what would be a better choice during recess and lonely lunch.  Should the behavior become more of a problem, the child will again move their clip, write a red note home, or a phone call will be made to discuss behavior at school. A referral to the principal will also be made immediately for severe disruptions – threats, bullying, fighting, biting, stealing, etc.


E-Mail: If you need to reach me at school, you may e-mail me at,, and  I check my email each day!


Field Trips: We try to take field trips each year that will enrich our learning at school.  In the past we have gone to the Amarillo Globe News center to see fine arts programs, the Don Harrington Discovery Center, and the Amarillo Zoo.  We also on occasion have on campus field trips where places like the Amarillo Public Library come for storytelling.  We will send home a note prior to the field trip to inform you of the date and time of our trip. Please make sure it is signed and returned to attend the field trip.


Gym: We rotate between PE and music. During the spring semester our kiddos will have PE on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  During the fall semester they will have PE on Tuesday and Thursday. Please have your child wear tennis shoes so that they can participate safely.


Homework: each child will have a reading log/homework pouch that will come home each day.  This will contain their “just right” books and any homework they might have. Have your kiddo read to you every night, sign and return their log each day!  It is important to develop literacy early.  It is also important to study spelling words, and sentence dictations each week.  I also send home math connections that can be used to practice skills we are learning in class.


Illnesses: If your kiddo is sick, please keep him or her home. We love to share in first grade, but we don’t want to share our germs J Please don’t forget to send in a written excuse on your child’s first day back at school.




Journals: Our journals will be an important part in our writing workshop. At the beginning of the year we will see students writing words and drawing pictures. By the end of the year they will be writing paragraphs full of detail.


Kindness: in our classroom we learn first that we are a family; no unkind words will be tolerated.  We are all different and our classroom is made up of many backgrounds that make us unique and special. Please make sure that you are encouraging your child’s kind spirit at home.


Library (media center): We will visit the library or media center weekly. Each child will be allowed to check out one book per time.  Please make sure that your child takes very good care of these books. Also, please make sure your child returns their book to school daily.  A new book may not be checked out until the old one has been returned.


Medicine: Any medication your child requires must be taken to the nurse in the health room.  Please make sure I am aware that your child needs to go to the health room to receive medication. Parents must deliver the medication to the health room personally, no medications may be sent in the students backpack. Please do not send over the counter medication in your child’s backpack, this too must be taken to the nurse and written directions completed.

Music: We rotate between music and P.E. During the fall semester our kiddos will have music on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  During the spring semester they will have music on Tuesday and Thursday.


Newsletters: Each month I will be sending home a newsletter.  This will let you know of any upcoming events we have going on at school. It will also inform you of the skills and themes we will be working on during the month.  I also send home a monthly reading calendar. This has one activity you could do with your child each night to promote literacy at home.


Outside Recess: Your child will get thirty minutes each day for outdoor recess (weather permitting), throughout the year. Please make sure you dress your child appropriately, as the weather changes.


Parties: We will have two class parties this year, one for Christmas and one for Valentine’s Day.  I will be sending home more information on treats for the parties as they come closer.

Progress Reports: Progress reports is a snap shot of how your kiddo is doing in all subject areas.  These go out every three weeks. Please make sure to sign and return the progress report the following day.


Questions: My door is always open for questions, comments, or clarification. Please feel free to stop by anytime before or after school. The best way to reach me is by email. I check my email daily!


Reading: It is my goal for every child to leave my class reading and writing fluently this year. We may be at different levels, but we should all be reading and writing independently!  We will be working hard every day, and you can help so much by reading to your child every night. We will send home a reading log so you can record all the books your child reads to you at home.

Report Cards: Report cards will be sent home every six weeks. Please sign and return them the following day they go home. The sleeve of the report card will also have your child’s reading level on it.


Supplies: Please refer to our suggested first grade list of supplies. If your child runs out of something, we will notify you so that you can send in a replacement. If you would like to donate something to our classroom, we are always in need of the following: Kleenex, Elmer’s glue, Baby wipes, hand sanitizer, and craft supplies.


Tardies: A tardy will need to be handled in the office with the secretary.  Please help your kiddo be prompt to school. We begin each day at 7:55 am and release at 3:00 pm. Your child will be marked tardy at 8:15 am.


Transportation Changes: Each day as we dismiss I will high five your kiddo and check to see who is picking them up.  Please send a written note if there is going to be a change in their normal ride.  If there is an emergency and you cannot get a written note please call the school and let them know of the changes.

Treat Days: On Wednesday mornings the school will be selling Smencils.  They are pencils that smell, and the cost is $1.00 per pencil.  Also each Friday after school the school will be selling popcorn, pickles, and other tasty treats.  Please make sure and send your kiddo with money if they are planning on purchasing anything.

Toys: Please remind your child that toys are not allowed at school.  They can become a distraction and are often misplaced. We will have specified share times and I will send home a note for the items that may be brought to school.


Units: We teach many of our skills and concepts through thematic units.  We will inform you of the units we will be teaching each month.  If you have something to contribute to our classroom regarding these themes, please let me know!


Visitors:  We love visitors, but all visitors must come through the office and obtain a visitors pass. Please do not come directly to the classroom. This school policy is designed for the safety of the students and staff!



Wish List: Foil Paper, Paper Plates, Baby Wipes, Stickers, 1st grade Board Games or Puzzles are some of our first grade wishes! If you would like to make a contribution to our classroom you may!!


Extra Supplies: Occasionally you will receive a note home asking of r donations for extra supplies for special projects, or basic school supplies that your child may need replaced. If you are willing to donate please send in the supplies in your child’s backpack.


Year: Your child’s first grade year should be a year they will always remember fondly and one that makes them love to learn.  Please remember to always contact us if you ever need anything!


ZZZ’s: It is very important for you first grader to get to sleep each night early enough that they wake up ready to go in the morning.




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